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About the project

BookPals is a multidisciplinary project in which the participants will work on the topics of reading motivation and interpretation of literature. It aims at involving students in activities that will draw their attention to the enjoyment and usefulness of reading as well as familiarising them with books read by their peers.

Pupils will take part in a large scale of cross-curricular activities both processing and producing literary pieces using various ICT tools.

Reading and writing are skills which are practical and bring pleasure to everyday life, so a set of exercises on developing and increasing reading and writing techniques will be designed.

Students will have the opportunity to explore, present and get to know better the history and human patrimony of each participating country.


A1  Facebook accounts to help disseminate the project within local communities, families, students and teachers.

A2  Official TwinSpace project to disseminate outcomes.

A3  Logo competition to choose the project logo.

A4  Survey about reading habits in the beginning of the project.

A5  Similar survey at the end of the project.

A6  Book clubs. The members of each book club meet on a regular basics in each partner school. They are in charge of editing the literary corner, motivating students not included in the project to read.

A7  Picture books and posters about the origins of each country. Students read proposed deeds and create picture books posters with the help of ICT tools to illustrate them.

A8  Video conference activities to discuss topics related to literature.

A9  Pen pals activity. Each student starts out e-mail communication with at least one student from each of participating countries, sharing information. It is created a bank of emails, and assigned each student/group/class a different pen pal. The pen pal coordinator establishes the times and topics. Teachers promote spontaneous exchanges as well to enrich the activity.

A10  Newsletters. Each school, after hosting others, will produce a newsletter to be released before the end of the term itself, to inform students, teachers and local communities about development of the project.

A11  Literary corner. Students create a place in schools where they present their work to other students, teachers and visitors.

A12  Book recommender. The book clubs create a brochure in which they recommend students reading material.

A13  Reading and translating competition. In order to familiarize students with the foreign pronunciation of specific phonemes, and to compare their English to others.

A14  Bookshop in photos. Studentsʼ presentation of a famous bookshop.

A15  Creating a play. Students jointly create a unique piece of writing based on their experiences and knowledge gained through the project activities. They make this story come to life through dramatization.

A16  Book covers. Students are involved in workshops that will lead them to create book covers based on information gathered by the book clubs.

All through the project teachers will cooperate and aim at strengthening their professional development by sharing good practices and experiences with each other.



Escola Básica e Secundária de Muralhas do Minho, Valença